10/4/2019 Wednesday NUR. Bud Painting Competition C.T.
10/4/2019 Wednesday K.G Butter Fly Decoration C.T.
15/04/2019 Monday I Hindi Writing with Dictation C.T.
16/04/2019 Tuesday II Hindi Story telling from panchtantra C.T.
17/04/2019 Wednesday III Dance Competition C.T
18/4/2019 Thursday IV Paper Flower Making C.T
19/4/2019 Friday V Scenery Drawing and Colouring Comp. C.T
26/4/2019 Friday VI Poster Making on Nature Art.T
22/4/2019 Monday VII Slogan Writing Comp. Art.T
23/4/2019 Tuesday VIII Wall Hanging Art.T
24/4/2019 Wednesday IX Hasy Kavya partiyogeta Sub.T
25/4/2019 Thursday X Bhasan Partiyogeta paryavarn par Sub.T
1/5/2019 Wednesday NRY. Thumb Painting Comp. C.T.
2/5/2019 Thursday K.G. Enact as any vegetable and tell its importance C.T.
3/5/2019 Friday I Tearing Pasting in Fruits and Vegetable Shapes C.T.
9/5/2019 Thursday II Clock Making with Waste Material Comp. C.T.
10/5/2019 Friday III Hindi Story telling Comp. C.T
6/5/2019 Monday IV Salad Making C.T
6/5/2019 Monday V Science Quiz Art.T
7/5/2019 Tuesday VI File Folder Making Art.T
7/5/2019 Tuesday VII Scenery in MS-Paint Art.T
1/5/2019 Wednesday VIII Bhasan Partiyogeta Sub.T
2/5/2019 Thursday IX PowerPoint Presentation on Health and Hygiene I.T
7/5/2019 Tuesday X Preparing Snacks without fire C.T
12/7/2019 Friday NRY. Colouting Comp. C.T.
12/7/2019 Friday K.G. Paper Craft Comp. C.T.
17/7/2019 Wednesday I Book Mark Making C.T.
18/7/2019 Thursday II Clay Moudling C.T.
11/7/2019 Thursday III Animal Faces with Paper Plates C.T
26/7/2019 Friday IV Doll Making with Old Socks C.T
25/7/2019 Thursday V Clay Moudling C.T
31/7/2019 Wednesday VI Umbrella Decoration C.T
26/7/2019 Friday VII Paper Flower Arrangement Art.T
10/7/2019 Wednesday VIII Invitation Card Making Art.T
27/7/2019 Saturday IX Jeweller Making with clay Art.T
25/7/2019 Thursday X Inter-House Science Congress Art.T
1/8/2019 Thursday NRY. Ear Bud Painting C.T.
2/8/2019 Friday K.G. Fancy Dress C.T.
5/8/2019 Monday I Patriotic Poem Recitation C.T.
6/8/2019 Tuesday II Quiz on Health and Hygiene C.T.
7/8/2019 Wednesday III Kite Decoration C.T
8/8/2019 Thursday IV Paper Bag Making C.T
10/8/2019 Saturday V Moral Story Telling Comp. C.T
5/8/2019 Monday VI Dance Comp. C.T
6/8/2019 Tuesday VII Fabric Painting C.T.
21/8/2019 Wednesday VIII Poster Making Art.T.
22/8/2019 Thursday IX Model on Maths Sub.T.
13/8/2019 Tuesday X Debate Sub.T
24/9/2019 Tuesday NRY. Bindi Pasting C.T.
24/9/2019 Tuesday K.G. Colouring in Secenery C.T.
26/9/2019 Thursday I Dance Competition C.T.
26/9/2019 Thursday II Diya Decoration Comp. C.T.
27/9/2019 Friday III Flute Decoration Comp. C.T
27/9/2019 Friday IV Enactas any Character Related to Janmashtami C.T
24/9/2019 Tuesday V Mukut Making C.T
24/9/2019 Tuesday VI Bajan Partiyogeta C.T
26/9/2019 Thursday VII Matki Decoration Art.T.
26/9/2019 Thursday VIII Geeta par aadhrit Salok Art.T
27/9/2019 Friday IX Chaat Making Sub.T.
27/9/2019 Friday X Documentary Making Sub.T.
14/10/2019 Monday NRY. English Poem Recitatin C.T.
16/10/2019 Wednesday K.G. English Poem Recitatin C.T.
24/10/2019 Thursday I Colouring Competition C.T.
18/10/2019 Friday II Creative Drawing with Geomatrical Shapes C.T.
14/10/2019 Monday III Maths/E.V.S Quiz Sub.T.
14/10/2019 Monday IV Best out of waste C.T
15/10/2019 Tuesday V Thali Decoration C.T
15/10/2019 Tuesday VI Quiz on Ramayana Sub.T.
21/10/2019 Monday VII Eng Declamation Sub.T.
23/10/2019 Wednesday IX Doormats with Old Duptta Art.T
24/10/2019 Thursday X IT Power Point Presentation Sub.T.
1/11/2019 Friday NRY. Solve the Puzzle C.T.
4/11/2019 Monday K.G. Hindi Story Telling C.T.
4/11/2019 Monday I Fancy Dress Comp. C.T.
12/11/2019 Tuesday II Vocabulary Check C.T.
14/11/2019 Thursday III Kavita Partiyogeta Sub.T.
15/11/2019 Friday IV Maths/E.V.S Quiz Sub.T.
16/11/2019 Saturday V Brain Teaser Sub.T.
19/11/2019 Tuesday VI Eng Declamation Sub.T.
19/11/2019 Tuesday VII Rangoli on Canvas Art.T
20/11/2019 Wednesday VIII Best out of waste Art.T
21/11/2019 Thursday IX Model on Science Sub.T
21/11/2019 Thursday X Model on Maths Sub.T
2/12/2019 Monday NRY. Hindi Poem Recitation C.T.
2/12/2019 Monday K.G. Snow Man with cotton C.T.
3/12/2019 Tuesday I Leaf Painting C.T.
3/12/2019 Tuesday II Mask Making C.T.
4/12/2019 Wednesday III Favourite Cartoon Making Art.T
4/12/2019 Wednesday IV I.T./G.K. QUIZ C.T
5/12/2019 Thursday V Healthy Snacks Making C.T
5/12/2019 Thursday VI Glass Painting Art.T
6/12/2019 Friday VII Quiz on Mahabhart Sub.T
6/12/2109 Friday VIII Collage Making Competition Art.T
6/12/2019 Friday IX Vegetable Carving C.T
6/12/2019 Friday X Model on Science Sub.T
17/1/2020 Friday NRY. Tearing Pasting C.T.
17/1/2020 Friday K.G. Screw Painting C.T.
17/1/2020 Friday I Clay Moudling C.T
14/1/2020 Tuesday II Creative Writing Comp. C.T
16/1/2020 Thursday III Key Holder Comp. Sub.T
16/1/2020 Thursday IV Tribal Mask Making C.T
17/1/2020 Friday V Name Plate Making C.T
27/1/2020 Monday VI Maths/Science Quiz Sub.T
22/1/2020 Wednesday VII Dance Comp. Sub.T
21/1/2020 Tuesday VIII Paper Kandil Making Art.T
28/1/2020 Tuesday IX Conversation Skill Declamation in English Sub.T
29/1/2020 Wednesday X Conversation Skill Declamation in English Sub.T